Company Values

Values are the foundation of The Eagan Group’s culture. The following four statements provide the context for all decision-making in our organization and are statements that you would most want to communicate to any new employee.


We operate in the best interests of our clients. We recruit the right candidate for the right job. We strive to present only candidates who will excel and recommend that the client hire the best candidate regardless of the source.


We are known for our reliability, responsiveness, expertise, presentation, and empathy. We know the needs of our clients and candidates and continually strive to exceed their expectations in the most economical way possible.


We respect our candidates, clients, and staff. We value our candidates’ career goals and aspirations. We ensure that our candidates and clients have the information they need to make good decisions. We aspire to be good listeners, to ask questions rather than making negative assumptions, and to share candid feedback.


We take a long-term perspective with regard to the relationships that are at the core of our business. We seek to develop career-long relationships with strong candidates and clients

The Eagan Group

The Eagan Group recruiter’s are dedicated to a simple goal: finding the best candidates to match our clients’ needs.

I have been involved with high technology sales recruiting for 3 decades now. At crunch time the firm I go to is, The Eagan Group. Without a doubt they have the best sales talent pool in the industry.

Keith W. Valk
Principal, KWV Consulting

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