Company overview

The Eagan Group recruiters are dedicated to a simple goal: finding the best candidates to match our clients’ needs. For two decades our firm has sought to establish itself as the leader in the field of data communication recruitment. Many of our clients are venture capital-backed start-ups developing technology products for the telecommunications industry. For a technology start-up to be successful, it must build great teams quickly.

The Eagan Group focuses on building teams, not filling slots. The more we work with a client the better we can focus and polish the message, allowing us to be more effective in recruiting top talent. Gaining a better understanding of the nuances of each client company’s culture and organizational dynamics, combined with building strong relationships, enhances our ability to get the job done quickly.

Our approach, combined with the intimate knowledge we gain of each existing and new team member, helps us to ensure the team possesses all of the skill sets needed to be successful.

The advantage of a specialized search firm with deep expertise in a niche area becomes obvious. We do not need to “educate” ourselves about the data communication industry. Our recruiters are in the marketplace every day. The data communication community is our backyard and front yard, and we pride ourselves in knowing every square inch of it.

The Bottom Line: We understand the data communications industry and its key players. This enables us to accelerate the search process and provide a steady flow of top-tier candidates resulting in a blue-chip finalist.

Our clients consist of the industry giants, to the smallest of “start-up” venture companies. We have strong working relationships with many of the industries leading VC Firms.

Vertical Markets

Vertical Markets include Financial Services, Enterprise/Commercial, Service Providers, Media and Entertainment, Federal Sales, State, and Local Government and Healthcare. See our client list

The Eagan Group

The Eagan Group recruiter’s are dedicated to a simple goal: finding the best candidates to match our clients’ needs.

I have been involved with high technology sales recruiting for 3 decades now. At crunch time the firm I go to is, The Eagan Group. Without a doubt they have the best sales talent pool in the industry.

Keith W. Valk
Principal, KWV Consulting

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